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Are you sleeping well or are you "concerned" over how you would fair in an audit? Compliance plans don't cost, they pay for themselves every year in increased revenue and reduced clerical time appealing denials.


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The Academy offers a wide variety of books, CD training webinars and written opinions to help you.


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Did you know you could be getting compliance help and stay current on regulations for as little as $50 a month? 

The Academy also publishes notices of General Interest to members and friends to help the Healthcare Community state informed on various issues.


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If this is the first time you have visited our site, you have come to the  "RIGHT PLACE" for information on the growing field of "Interdisciplinary Medicine".

The Multi-Disciplinary Academy of Affiliated Medical Arts represents an active membership of  professionals dedicated to the advancement of integrated healthcare and unites professionals in all areas of medicine with those of  law, healthcare compliance, science  and technology in an academy to address the complex problems facing today’s healthcare industry.

ANY  combination of licenses, specialties or interrelated services in one practice constitutes an interdisciplinary or as more commonly referred to, a "Multidisciplinary Practice".

Most physician's are searching for new income sources and ways to make their practices more attractive to the patient by adding new "options" to their existing services while others turn to the "one stop, total care" approach where a patient can receive the combined benefits of several medical disciplines such as the skills of a medical doctor AND those of a Chiropractic physician and a Physical Therapist.

What ever your "expansion" plans are, they will undoubtedly complicate your billing and coding where you may NO LONGER be in compliance. 

Our compliance consultants work with hundreds of practices where only one discipline is represented.  Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Audiologist, Podiatrists, OPT, Vestibular Testing facilities, Physical and Occupational Therapy Centers, and even equipment suppliers all need the advice and information that this Academy provides to insure their compliance with the ever changing issues in regulations, coverage and billing and documentation requirements..  The M.A.A.M.A. and our MedCorp Compliance Network constantly monitor these issues and provide our members with prompt direction on changes that enable them to pro-actively modify their policies and procedures and "avoid" problems rather than attempt to correct them "after" they have their claims denied.

SURPRISING FACT: MedCorp has performed thousands of comprehensive compliance audits. 94% of those practices were found to be "At Risk".  Only 6% were found to be in compliance with current regulatory standards.

Whatever your current or desired scope might be, we are here to help you achieve your goals and financial success while maintaining legitimate compliance with State and Federal and Carrier regulations. Our consultants will be happy to evaluate your individual needs and help you develop a compliance strategy that makes sense for YOUR practice, is cost effective and maximizes your potential for success.

As a member, you will become free to practice your art and build your practice rather than devoting your precious hours to pouring through hundreds of pages of regulatory changes to find that last missing piece of the compliance puzzle. 

That's our job and we would be happy to do it for you. _________________________________________________________________________

A WARNING: Some "models" have you hire a therapist but continue to use the D.C., Athletic trainers, massage therapists or "aides" to administer the therapy. Still others load you up with "special equipment" or "cash cow diagnostic procedures", suggest "stealth or best fit" coding scenarios or have some "technical component" billing scenario where they "handle everything" and you just rake in the money.  Most of these are improper if not illegal and when the "cash cow" gets slaughtered by regulators, so does the doctor. The "consultant" or advisor gets off free since they all add disclaimers that the ultimate responsibility for coding and compliance rests with the physician and they only offer examples of possible coding situations that others have used for reimbursement. 

The Sad Fact is that many of these "cash cows" are not billable "AT ALL" and the salesperson will NOT be there when YOU get tagged on the audit!

The true  multi-disciplinary practice utilizes the talents and special training of Medical Doctors and/or Osteopathic Physicians in combination with those of the Chiropractic physician and the Physical and / or Occupational Therapists and in many cases,  professionals who specialize in the “psychological” components of pain.  Knowing "exactly how to bill the procedures of each" is one critical key to your success. 

Expanding services without expanding providers also expands your billing challenges.  New services must be billed accurately and NOT necessarily the way the salesperson suggested. 

The only difference between "FRAUD and ABUSE" is "INTENT", which does not need to be proven.  The existence of your claim is proof of abuse and the financial PENALTIES are the same.

Our Academy Consultants can guide you through "any of these". 

We want you to succeed and be more profitable but more importantly we want you to look confidently to the future rather than consistently looking over your shoulder in fear of the inevitable audit that could end your career in medicine.

Please visit our "services" section before leaving our web-site and then call for your free consultation  702-838-0054.

WE are proud to be one of the few non-attorney members of the

And Board Certified Consultants and Fellow of the Institute